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Most Recent Reviews

★★★★★ Need a 5 start professional technician to repair your cell phone?

7 Wireless techs are experts repairing Cell Phones, Computers, Tablets, Games Console and other electronics Gadgets. Stop by one of our stores or use our chat, we can fix your problem as quick as you can not imagine.

Excellent experience

5 5 1
I received an Excellent service. And now I still have my iphone 6 and I will continue using it till next Iphone 7 comes out. I just have to say that 7wireless cell phone repair professionals are the best in Market

Great TracFone Plans

5 5 1
I was looking for a good cell phone Plan for my mother who came from Cuba and did not need to get trap in a contract with cell phone service providers like ATT, T-Mobile or Metro. A friend recommended TracFone Plans and I came to the new store they opened on 8150 Sw 8th street Suite 111 , Miami, Florida 33144,TracFone Wireless Store in Miami. In less than 15 minutes my mom had a new phone and a great monthly Plan with internet and paid month to month without contract.

Fast Unlock Cell Phone company

5 5 1
Very Reliable. I just update to and Iphone 6s on ATT and now i need to unlock my old Iphone 6 to send it to my mom in Cuba. I look up online to find a place where i can do it in the same day and i found this amazing guys. I take the phone to the 7 Wireless Store and they did the job for me in 2 hours and for a very good price. Now my mother is so happy in Cuba with her Iphone 6 and so I am

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